Common Thread Photography Game

What is the Common Thread?

Common Thread is photography game that will engage your children and keep them active and interested in photography.

Common Thread can be played in two ways: Girl with camera

A) You assign the subject and the child then has to make photos relating to that theme, or

B) The child chooses a subject and then you have to guess what the theme is. (This is more fun)

A) Let’s say you assign circles as the “thread.” Now the object is to have your child go out and take photos of circles or things that contain circles. for example, car tires, a jar top, a coaster, a plate or a circle of items they arrange themselves, etc. If you assign the “thread” Autumn or Fall, then images may include: leaves changing color, things that represent Halloween or Thanksgiving, someone raking or playing in a pile leaves, etc.

B) If the child chooses the “thread”, then they would show you a collection of images, and you have to guess what the common thread is. For example, if they choose dinner, then a collection would contain photos that have to do with dinner. They might include images of the kitchen table, plates, forks, spoons, napkins, cups, and food. The same rules would apply if the theme were gardening. Photos would include: flowers, shovels, soil, seeds, a watering can, sprinkler, etc.

Boy with a cameraIts best to set a limit on the number of photos that can be used in a collection (somewhere between 5-10 should be a good number), but, try not to limit the total number of photos taken.





Here are some topics to get started:

School or specific subjects

Sports or specific teams

Pets or specific animals

Seasons, e.g., summer, winter, etc.

Specific holidays

Things on my block, or in the park

Specific people (things that relate to a famous person, family member, or friend).

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