Downtown El Paso at Night in Black and White

Downtown El Paso in Black and White.

I have walked around the downtown El Paso area quite a few times in order to get a feel for the city and to see what I could photograph. I like the city, but it has been difficult for me at times to translate what I see into a photograph that works for me. One day I decided to go during the evening to see how things looked during that time of the day. I started at my usual start point, which is around the Union Plaza, Convention Center area, parked the car and proceeded to explore.

So I began my adventure in downtown El Paso. It was Sunday evening at about five p.m.. There were some skateboarders having a good time and another group of people that looked like they were working on a video or movie. I did not get any photos of them, although, I think I may the next time I go – hopefully they will be there. I strolled down towards the convention center, past the Plaza Theater, Central Cafe down around the San Jacinto Park down around the Aztec Calendar Park and back around looking for something that caught my eye. The streets were pretty quiet there were not many people were around at all. It was almost like I was alone there.

I explored a small part of downtown El Paso for a few hours hoping that something would just pop out at me. Finally I started to see some things that piqued my interest.

I think this will be the first in a series of personal projects of the downtown El Paso area that I will do in black and white.

To me, processing these images in black and white gives these photos a certain quality and emotion and captures what I felt that evening. These are a few of the images I made that day.

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