Get Kids Involved in Photography

Get kids involved in photography.

At a time when educational programs and funding for the arts are being cut, getting kids involved in photography can help them appreciate the arts. At a time when a lot of kids would rather sit stagnate on the couch, playing video games not interacting with their environment or community and not getting any exercise or fresh air; photography can serve as a catalyst to get them outside and more active. Also photography may serve to better enable more communication and serve as another means where family and friends interact with each other more.Kids having fun with cameras

Getting kids involved in photography will help them learn about the visual arts, they will learn about composition, framing, lighting, contrast, color, perspective and so on. They may also learn about famous painters and photographers that had a profound effect on society and the world. People, which they may not have had an opportunity to learn about before.

Kids nowadays do not have the opportunity to learn about the Arts the way many of us would like. Artists like Rembrandt, Monet, de Goya, not only provided us with wonderful paintings to appreciate and admire, but also a great opportunity for us to study things like framing, composition and compositional elements, lighting, perspective, and style. Photography is also based on those same elements. Famous photographers who also had a hand in the shaping of the human psyche and influencing a culture or generation are often left out of the educational picture, photographers like Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier Bresson, Dorothea Lange, Annie Liebovitz, Eddie Adams, and Alfred Eisenstaedt to name a few.

A lot of photography takes place out of doors, and getting kids involved in photography will draw kids outside enabling them to interact with their environment more, whether it is hiking, going for walks, riding a bike or going to community or school events in order to find things and people to photograph.

Getting kids involved in photography also provides a way for kids unlock their creative side as well. It provides a means to escape, be creative, experiment, and just have fun. It is something that can be done alone or with others, indoor and out.

 When they come home after photographing they are more likely to want to share what they have photographed     or discovered, thereby providing more opportunity for the family to interact with each other. Family and friends can share the images on line, come up with and create holiday, projects and decorations, create picture books, photo albums or create really cool slide shows which can be used at family functions, or sent to relatives to share with them what they have been up doing.

The falling costs of digital cameras, free photo editing software and just about everyone having access to a computer, smart phone, or tablet makes photography easily accessible to just about everyone. Not only will the kids learn from and about photography, but they will have a lot fun doing it.

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