El Paso photographer captures Soldier Reenlistments

Reenlistments – oh, reenlistments. It’s a time one makes the decision to be trapped and have little control over his life for a few more years -just kidding. Actually, it’s an event in which enlisted personnel decide to give a few more years to the Army in service to his or her country. There seemed to be a large number of re-enlistments in the span of a couple of months. The re-enlistees were SGT Combs, SGT Garner, then SSG Keener, followed by SPC Ortiz, SPC Garcia, SGT DiMartino, SPC Turner, SGT Magee and SPC Abron . Nine reenlistments in about two months; that’s pretty significant considering these individuals decided to again commit themselves to their country, at a time when serving is the most challenging, stressful and dangerous – during a wartime deployment…

One VIP to visit was Major General Abrams. He arrived and presented the first Combat Action Badges of our deployment to SGT Goodson, SGT Palm and SPC Marroquin, who were involved in an IED blast in February.


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