Scavenger Hunt Photography Game

The Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt is a photography game that will help get your child interested in photography and is probably one of the better-known games. One of the benefits of this photography game is that it can be done indoors or outside, and if its outside, that’s even better. This game will not only get your child to become more active, it will help them discover their surroundings and look for details they may have over looked in the past. First, try to come up with a list that appeals to your child. The list can contain anything from rocks to flowers, to a paintbrush in the garage, a piece of fruit on the counter, a bird, etc. I think you get the idea. At first, so not to overwhelm them, make the list short of 3-5 items that are relatively common and easy to find, then depending on how well they did, make it more challenging. It doesn’t stop there though. Take the time to down load the images onto you computer and look at the images with your child. Talk about how they took the pictures and what if anything they like about it. From there you can ask them to take more pictures of one of the items (one that he or she likes) from different perspectives, and distances, etc. If they like a picture, then maybe they can use one of the free photo editing programs to give their photo different looks. If they like what they have created then, maybe they can print it and hang on the wall or on the fridge for friends and family to see. Keep in mind that at the beginning the images may be out of frame or out of focus, but like most things, after time and practice, the images will get better.

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