Spring in the Arghandab

Spring in the Arghandab.

I was glad to be a photographer who was able to photograph Spring in the Arghandab River Valley.  In the beginning of March the dry and barren landscape started to become sparsely populated with vegetation. What was once a bland array earth tones started to develop and differentiate its more colorful parts. On the steppes of the desert, green started to appear, and along the river banks and irrigated parcels of land, trees and grasses regained their vibrant greens as they began to sprout new foliage. As a photographer I was inspired by seeing this transformation take place. I wish I had the opportunity to see and record a more intimate side of this change.

“I was glad to be a photographer who was able to photograph Spring time in the Arghandab River Valley.”

The residents of the area became much more active as they prepared for the hot weather that lay ahead. Spring in the Arghandab marks the beginning of the planting season and is the time when farmers begin to till fields and prepare irrigation systems that will provide water for people, livestock, and plants in the heat of the desert.  More and more people started coming outdoors, and there was a difference in their demeanor. They seemed more approachable, even though work was obviously a priority.  Important tasks had to be accomplished in order to meet their household responsibilities and support their families. Men and boys were busy tending to the fields and flocks as they began the work which would provide necessary food and supplies which would carry them through the next winter. Women and girls did a majority of the household work which consisted mostly of collecting water, cooking, cleaning clothes, cookware, carpets, and other wares of the house.


    • Thanks again Liza. Tried to give a little insight into the people and land of the area. So glad you’re enjoying it. Next post will be about the nomadic peoples of the region.

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