Visiting a Wildlife Refuge

Being back in my home town was a great experience. It had been years – no decades, since I had the opportunity to relax and enjoy this place where I grew up. While I was there this past May, I decided to visit the Elizabeth A. Morton National Wildlife Refuge in Noyac, New York. The last time I visited this place was some 30 years ago, so as you can image much changed over the years.

It’s a great way to get away from it all and get in touch with nature and yourself.

The wildlife refuge is located about 20 minutes west of Sag Harbor, New York and is on the north coast of the South Fork of Long Island.

It was a warm but comfortable spring morning when I arrived at the wildlife refuge. I got out of my car, slung my bag over my shoulder, made my way to the entrance and began to explore. There are a few main trails that meander through the park – I followed what seemed to be the main trail. While walking the trail, I saw an abundance of birds including wild turkeys and quite a few Chipmunks, they didn’t seem startled or bothered by my presence or the presence of other visitors on this day. We were able to pass within a few feet of them before they took off into the woods.

The wildlife refuge is a great place to get away and enjoy nature. From the trails one can access the beach at Jessup’s Neck as well as ponds that host a variety of plants and wildlife. It’s a great way to get away from it all and get in touch with nature and yourself. I had a very peaceful morning as I walked the trails, felt and smelled the salt water in the air, listened to the birds sing and heard the wind as it blew through the trees. All in all, not a bad way to spend a couple of hours and getting reacquainted with my hometown.


  1. This is awesome! Love the photos of the wildlife. Especially, “Alvin.”

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